Catherine Haines Artist showing at School Gallery 2019

'Now There is Just a Light' Opening Party: Thursday 9th May 6 – 8 pm at School, School Gallery, Delta House Studios, London, SW17 0BA.

I walked to Tater Du - I walked to Trevose Head - I swam to Godrevey - I stared out

towards Longships - I sailed to St Anthonys - I drove to Pendeen - I chanced upon Lizard

Lights - We anchored near Smeatons - We bottled out of siling to Eddiston - The Gribbin

was almost invisible in the mist.

School Gallery is pleased to present Now it is Just a Light, an exhibition of new paintings by Catherine Haines. Haines’ has developed a strong affinity with her local Cornish landscape, to its folklore, local histories and superstitions. She has made work about figureheads, maps, snow globes, the ‘Obby ‘Oss, lucky limpets and other sea life that has good fortune attached to it. In this exhibition her interest has been drawn to lighthouses – St Anthony's Lighthouse, The Gribben, Trevose, Godrevy, Pendeen, Tater Du, Longships, Wolf Rock, Round Island, Peninnis Head, St Agnes, Bishop Rock, Lizard Lights, Eddystone, Smeaton's tower, inshore lights, Penzance harbour, Newlyn harbour, Portreath, Polperro, Looe and Fowey, – all within close proximity to the artists’ studio in Newlyn, Cornwall.

Haines’ had found a collection of postcards with pictures of the lighthouses on them. This inspired the start of her many visits to the sites. Being a keen swimmer Haines’ would often swim to the lighthouses and create a documentation of that journey or emotive feeling from that journey. A 2016 print edition …to the Lighthouse, documents the artists swim, with a friend, to Godrevey Lighthouse. On the swim they were joined by 3 seals. One followed them back to land. The work is a visual diary entry of this journey. The lighthouses for Now it is Just a Light, are a collection of memories, experiences and chance encounters, catalogued by the artist.

On the lighthouses Haines’ has said:  

“…it was all the wrong way around. I found the collection of postcards before I set about visiting each destination. The collection of postcards of lighthouses, unsent, no messages, unstamped was the beginning of my journey around all the lighthouses off the Cornish coast. I walked, sailed and swam around them. Watched and waited until it got dark to see their lights, each with their own unique light and rhythm.

Having grown up within earshot of St Anthony’s lights - remember fragile rock? - and with

the heroic story of Grace Darling the daughter of a lighthouse keeper going out into the

storm to rescue the shipwrecked sailor. The automation of lighthouses has taken an

element of hope away from the beacon of light at sea. Once it meant someone was

there. Now it is just a light”.

Detail from Lighthouse series, oil on Board, 2019

Detail from Lighthouse series, oil on Board, 2019

Catherine Haines Artist has the keys to Wolf Rock Lighthouse

The Keys to Wolf Rock

wolf rock keys.jpg

Sixteen brass keys hang from a piece of cord. Each blade is in the image of a ziggurat. They belonged to the last keeper of Wolf Rock Lighthouse. (I have them on loan from my neighbour). The lighthouse is built upon a lone rock eight miles from Lands End, and twenty miles from the Isle of Scilly. When the wind blows through the clefts and fractures in the rock it comes to life like a huge stone harmonica and sounds like the cry of a wolf - hence the name.

Catherine Haines Artist interviews in Surfers Against Sewage ~ Pipeline Magazine 2019

sas pipeline pic x .jpg

Why leaving a gift to SAS in your will makes waves for years to come.

Supporters like you have been protecting our coastline for nearly 30 years. You’ve helped to improve water quality in the UK beyond recognition. And now, thousands of volunteers are inspiring thousands more to live free from single-use plastic. With a gift in your will, you can make sure the love and commitment you’ve shown to our oceans can live on and ensure that our oceans can be enjoyed by everyone for generations to come.

Catherine Haines is an artist living and working in Cornwall. She included a gift in her will to celebrate her love of the sea: “When I cared for my mother while she was dying of cancer, I realised how important it was to have a will. The fact she had written hers and planned for her future made a difficult time a lot easier. A few years after her death, I bought my own home and decided to make my own will. My sisterin-law told me about a charity will writing scheme called Will Aid, and so I chose a partaking local solicitor to draw one up. “I knew I wanted to include a charity in my will and it made sense to look close to home here in Cornwall. I love sea swimming, and know what a huge difference SAS has made to the water quality on our coast. For me, a local grassroots charity with a strong community spirit won my vote. I can’t think of a more deserving group. However, I plan to live a very long time, so SAS will be waiting a while for my posthumous gift!”

A gift like Catherine’s could help bring a message of ocean protection to the classroom and inspire the next generation of volunteers and activists. At Spinfield School, headteacher, Jayne Spreadbury explains how the SAS Plastic Free Schools initiative has done just that: “Our school believes in learning, growing and developing together —that means going beyond the curriculum and teaching the students about global issues. Through becoming a Plastic Free School, our children are understanding how their individual actions help the environment. They’re also now helping the wider community to reduce their single-use plastic waste.” To include a gift in your will to Surfers Against Sewage you will need to include our charity number which is 1145877. You’llalso need to decide on the type of g i f t :

• A residuary gift where you can leave a percentage of what’s left of your estate after your other wishes are carried out.

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• You can also leave a specific gift, which is an item, such as jewellery.

• We recognise that family and friends come first.

• We will never pressure you to give a gift in your will.

• We respect your right to privacy.

• We understand that personal circumstances change.

• We promise to use your gift wisely.

For more info, get in touch with Jess: 01872 553001

Catherine Haines artist portrait at Tater Du

catherine portrait with lighhouse 72dpi use this one.jpg

Taken by Photographer Leia Morrison on a walk to Tater Du this January. The day was very mild and serene. A bubble bee rested on my hand for a while before flying off across the cliffs. A bit unusual for it to be out at this time of year - The Lighthouse was built by Trinity House and marks the headland to the west of Lamorna Cove, making It my local lighthouse.

A Dumbledore (in my opinion) is a sign of good luck and good fortune.

A Dumbledore (in my opinion) is a sign of good luck and good fortune.